Love is “Two” much Confusing

Good morning fellas.

Summer’s coming to an end now — well, it already has ended. It was last Tuesday when my sole summer class, National Service Training Program (NSTP) 2 ended. It wasn’t just your usual last class during a regular semester, though; We planned a nice way to end our semester by going night swimming at Southwinds Resort in Barangay Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna.

Yup. it isn’t a private pool, which makes it a bummer. It was good, though, that we went there on an evening, which actually meant less people. It was one of the newest resorts in the area, and I said that because its facilities were–well, believe me–sparkling. Anyway it was a swimming and eating night that lasted ’till 6 in the morning. Tell me I didn’t sleep. Yes. I did NOT sleep.

So it was fun, just swimming and dipping in the water. splashing water in my cool professor’s face (Sorry Ma’am for that). I remember this was a good night for all of us, but my heart felt otherwise.

My heart was racing up. I have a pretty, nice-looking classmate, whose name in this post will be Summer Love. Now, Summer Love is someone I don’t really understand, but my heart is racing up for me to tell her… well, not what I feel for her, but at least be with her for that time. I really wanted to know her and just get along with her. Other than she likes Korean pop and she lives in an apartment past F.O. Santos Street, I know absolutely nothing about her. See I’m not in the quest for love. I just wanted to know her, that’s all.

She seems friendly. She laughs at every joke I say, and I realized every time that her laughter is actually genuine. We are talking, yes we are. Problem?

I kept being paired with this other girl, who I’d like to call Summer Close. We are so close — well, compared to Summer Love. She was the one I talk to for most of the time during our fieldwork. She listens to me. We were more a team than Summer Love. Now everybody kept making us an item, even giving us crazy couple names. It’s annoying, really. Problem?

I’m not sure, really. Not sure if I really am annoyed. But I’m sure I like Summer Love. What I’m not sure of is whether I like Summer Close, too.


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