Lord, I need Your Transformation Work!

It was a brewing issue in the University that made me burn again. These things are things that never should bother me again, and yet, I feel bothered all the same.

It was the first step to everyone’s fear inside the University of the Philippines. This school year, we are asked to submit to our student affairs proof that we cannot pay full-cost tuition in order for the government to continue its mandated subsidy towards us. It was another added hassle, and if they discover that we have so much assets than they would normally expect out of a student who declared such inability to pay, they will instruct us to pay full-cost.

It will burn you, right? Turn you to rage out completely due to both the hassle it brings to the fact that the system shows that UP in fact is slowly turning away from its mandate of being the university of the people.

But I went out of hand. I freaked out. I lost control and got really angry, posting mildly angry statements on twitter and on Facebook. It would continue if someone did not stop me…

…and I thank Him that He did. He was talking to me deep inside, saying that these things I should not care about. These things shall soon pass away, and the only precious One is Himself alone. I am for Him now, and not for this world. He is the most excellent Person, and He alone is gain.

I thank You Lord that I am Yours. I would be lost, fighting on my own strength, without You. Lord, just transform me to become a useful vessel to You and not to the enemy. Lord, I am for You alone!


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