A hymn

Hi. I just want to share to you a hymn that… well, I enjoyed so much but not in a physical way. Suppose I don’t know how sing this hymn, even so I can just pray the lyrics of this hymn, and the infilling of the Lord’s excellent sweetness is there. Lord, I love You! Just want to be for Your economy, for Your divine plan!

Lord, I love You, Lord, I need You,
You’re the One, the One I need,
To live this life, Lord, I need You always;
By Your presence, Lord, take lead.
Lord, look into me,
And infuse me
To walk by the strength of Your eyes.
Lord embrace me,
Bear me in You,
Deep in Your love I hide.
And when I’m weak, Lord, and can’t go on more,
Lift my eyes to gaze on You;
Speak softly to me, Come in, subdue me;
In Your strength, Lord, take me through.

Lord, I love you, Lord I need You


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