The Angel I Chose to Forget

You were an angel.

You still are an angel, as always. Well, at least that’s how my eyes see you.

But it was just a while ago when I saw how beautiful you are.

It was not a good day for me, but when you appeared in that gorgeously attractive look, I can’t say any word. I was spellbound, not able to make even a single sound. You were just a few inches from me, but it seems like you’re up there and I’m down low. I had to tell my friends how dazzling a sight you are to me at that time, and that’s what I did.

The class started. I watched you from afar. I was taking small stares at you, amazed at how beautiful you are right that time, and how it happened that you are the most beautiful creature in that room. I was enchanted and stupefied from afar, not knowing what to do. Every time I throw that stare, our professor’s voice blurs and drowns in the imaginary ocean inside my head–an ocean full of thoughts of you.

You sound so cute. You are really like some cherubim I saw on my grandmother’s dashboard. Your only difference is that you’re real. You talk, and we’ve talked so many times, yet I still get enchanted the moment you reply to anything I say. You were gorgeous everywhere. Not only in that class, but you really are the best view in another class–a lab class.

You were an angel. An angel I am now choosing…

…to forget.

Sour grapes, bitterness. Whatever you want to call it, I need to forget you.

Remember how I told my friends about you a while ago? Yes, I told them about you, but I said otherwise. I told them how you look so unattractive. They know I’m just stopping myself from praising you by saying those harsh, bitter remarks, but they let it through anyway. They told me I should forget you, anyway. I told myself, and they believed me. Now we all want you out of my mind.

It was nice being with you. it was nice having a crush with you, but with all the talk we’ve had, it’s best that we stay friends.

You’re one of the few angels that made my life feel like heaven, but you’re the one I’m choosing to forget.


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