Hello! I just want to share with you people a dream I had from the sleep I had on September 30 to October 1, which lasted probably a few hours from 3 AM to 9:30 AM. It was a dream that was so clear inside my head I could never even forget a little detail. The next few paragraphs will be weird and outright less-worthy to mention so if you please, just bear with me.


The dream (or my memory of it, at the very least) started with the news that I have in my hands a round-trip ticket to London on board a British Airways (BA) flight this weekend. The airline, BA, was emphasized in almost every aspect of my dream, including the ticket itself bearing the logo, my suitcase, and the plane I was about to board… or as was just my imagination. So then I rushed to pack my things up, noting everything is well packed.

Then the travel to Ninoy Aquino International Airport began. British Airways currently has no direct flight to Manila, so maybe I was to board a Cathay Pacific first to Hong Kong then board the BA plane to London. Then, for some reason, I had to get some clothes because I forgot to pack them, but instead of buying one from the store, I was suddenly headed to Los Baños, Laguna, in my apartment, where 90% of my clothes are right now.

On the Los Baños exit of South Luzon Expressway (yup, in my dream’s universe, there is), there was no road at the end of the exit ramp; instead, it leads to some sort of a barn (I know, weird, right?). So our car smashed through the barn’s door, and there we saw a young bull, and right at that moment, the bull attacked a young man, who suddenly died. Then, the media came over at the barn, while our car was stuck, although I remember in my dream how the British Airways flight was actually waiting for me. Then, the young man was suddenly alive — He survived the bull’s attack. Then I went out of the car to get some air.

I went to the most hidden part of the barn, when who appeared to be the barn’s owner approached me and said “the man should be dead” in Tagalog, then my view became something like you see in the Grand Theft Auto games, then I got paid to kill the man for good.

I didn’t do it, because the scenery in my dream suddenly switched, and I was right where I should be going — Terminal 1, Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I was about to enter Terminal 1 when someone knocked a my door…

…well, I woke up from the dream. It was my blockmate, who was fetching me so that we can go to the company talk in our school. Well, he was there for a good cause, but…

DANG! It WAS BRITISH AIRWAYS! I missed even just the dreamy vision of being inside the World’s most Favorite Airline.

And thus began today’s never ending thought of the British Airways logo, the BA planes, and all that.


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