Sit Down. Stand Down.

It sounds like a milk brand. But still, Athena.
This guy I have known for years. I know him. Maybe not more than you do, but yeah I do know him, too.
Only thing I’m not sure of is what he’s doing right now. Seriously. He told me to man up and go to the next level with the star of this blog. What I do not know is why he’s somewhere in the middle of hot and cold right now.
But there is one thing left to be done…
…and that is nothing.
Athena, stand down. Athena, be passive. Athena, wait and see. Athena, whatever will be, will be. Athena, come what may.
In a moment where the other side is unsure, the best thing to do is to be unsure, too. Do not assume anything, and most of all don’t take any step forward. Let him figure that out and do that.
After all, YOU (Kara) and I wish for Athena’s happiness. 🙂
Go, mommy Athena.

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