The Day I saw the Limits of Joy

I saw the limits of joy.

In fact, I wake up only to see that there is more to life than happiness and joy. The view that joy is like water that never runs dry is stupidly perverted. Yes, it might still be like water, but it’s probably more like water supply in Manila — it runs out sometimes.

I wake up every day to see that the limits of joy I have seen is wider than I have seen yesterday — wider than I have ever realized.

On that note, I would like to share it with you, dear reader:


#1. The limits of joy is the moment when you laughed and had a lot of fun for so long, you thought you forgot what loneliness means. You will then try hard to laugh and find a reason to do so. It will be hard and awkward, but you think it will be fun because you were laughing anyway. When the time comes when you will find no other reason to laugh, it will be the loneliest part of your life, because the moment you realize that you have stopped laughing, you will see that you have never forgotten what loneliness means at all — You just drugged yourself with laughter yoga.

#2. The limits of joy is the moment when you’re with friends and you laugh genuinely with them, because you know it’s the best time of your life. Unfortunately, you don’t live in the same place and at some point in the day they have to leave you. They drained all the happiness away from you because you willingly gave it, but, at the end of the day, you’re alone. You’re lonely, with not any reserve of happiness left. You decided, and now you suffered.


I want to be happy. I want happiness to reside in my heart forever. And so my methods were to never laugh until that thing genuinely makes you happy. This is the only way I have known so that you will never reach the end of Joy.


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