Surreal Escape

This world has never been kind to me.

It never was. It is an unforgiving hell of a haunted house. It is a messy place full of scumbags and people who will soon leave you. People who never saw your beauty because they chose to walk away.

Take your heart and squish it. It’s out of your body, but the thought that thousands of nerves are still connected to your body will wrinkle every second you see it. Well, that’s exactly what every second of this life is for me. Double that, and you’re welcome to my life.

I hate this life so much that I want to escape it. I want to run away like a coward everyone will laugh to. Coward as it may seem but at least I know the worst is over. I can live somewhere else where no one knows my name, and get the chance to reinvent myself.

It is in these moments that I pull the plug off this world, and I put my earphones on, turning off the rest of the world for 50 minutes and turning my music up loud. I want to live in another world for 50 minutes, and that’s what my music brings me. In that 50 minutes, I never had to wish to be someone else, because I am someone else inside that soundtrack.

Some moments I just don’t want to get out of it. Well, most of the time, especially the times when I realize that there is nothing worth seeing in this world anyway.

This world has never been kind to me.

It never was.


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