The (Sweet) Haunting at Connecticut [Meycauayan]

I miss you. more than you ever know.

I’m sorry if I’m not as free here in the city as I am when we’re at our dorms in college. Wait for us, August. we’ll be there.

I miss you so much that I can’t stand the thought of waking up tomorrow not seeing you. In fact, I wish I could just roll time forward to the time when we’ll be together again, seeing each other everyday. I just wanted that day to come, when I no longer have to overthink about things and write blogs about missing you — that’s because I know that when I wake up, you’re just there, fast asleep. safe and sound.

The days we spent together continue haunting every minute of every day I’m awake. How I wish we could spend them again like we did before. Yes, we can. We just have to wait a little longer. I can wait, but I’ll miss you. in fact, I do right now.

The haunting isn’t scary at all; it’s helpless.

I feel so helpless, knowing that for now I can’t do anything but miss you and again.

I’m missing the way you hug me so tight that it feels like a kiss already.

That hug that spells it all.


Let’s just hold out a few more days. we’ll live.

I miss you.


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