Wrap Yourself in Darkness, Part 1

Turning down the lights always makes me feel a mix of emotions. Usually, people kind of fear the dark, because you’ll never know what will get you in the pitch black nowhere where light used to be seconds ago. But that part of me usually is overwhelmed by the comforts of being in darkness.

Wrap yourself in darkness, because only in darkness can you reach the depths of your soul. Only the hugging of the seemingly empty void of nothingness can take you to the deepest parts of your being. It might be the best, blissful thoughts, the sweet memories, or the worst nightmares you’ve been trying to ignore when there is light (i.e. morning), but these are unfathomable and unreachable when you’re soaking in the light like everyone else.

Monsters from the closet will haunt you as you get soaked in the darkness, especially when you’re like me. They are not ghosts; they are not somebody else’s monsters; they are your monsters, the horrendous. scaremongering creatures you’ve been harboring in the very corners of your mind. They’re the monsters you yourself created, and they will get you when there is no light, because you’ll see how ugly they are when there’s light, and when you see how ugly they are, you’ll get rid of them. They don’t want that.

Still, as they haunt you in darkness, don’t leave the dark place. Wrap yourself in darkness, for it’s the only chance you can fight them off. They won’t show in broad daylight, and if you really want to get rid of them, you’ll battle with them in darkness. You’ll not wonder whether they look good or not, for you know they’re monsters, and they should have no space in your being. Only in the pitch black night sky can you fight them off and kill them for good.

Wrap yourself in darkness, with a glass of expired scotch in your hand. It will be handy, although the scotch is actually optional.

In darkness, no one’s around you. Although they might be there, you can’t see them.

Wrap yourself in darkness, for darkness leaves you on your own, giving you a chance to meditate and reflect on who you are and who you have become.

Wrap yourself in darkness, for in darkness no one helps you find your true self other than your very self.

Wrap yourself in darkness, for only in darkness can you come face to face with the monsters you’ve created, the monsters you have ever since feared, and the monsters that ruthlessly control your life; these are the very monsters you know you’d like to kill deep inside of you — the monsters you’d like to subdue.

Wrap yourself in darkness, for only in darkness can you fight yourself.

Wrap yourself in darkness.

Embrace it, and you’ll know that after the fight you’ll be having, you’ll enjoy the morning sun like no one else ever did.


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