That Familiar Feeling

It’s been a while since I last felt it. As bad as it feels like, it feels good to feel something at all, most especially pain. I feel more human than ever.

Pain keeps me reminded that the happy moments of life last for only a fraction of how long life really is. Let us be reminded that happiness could never be forever, but sadness could be. Let pain remind us of the fact that happiness is only an delusional institution created by humanity to escape the fact that this world could kill them off any second. Let us never forget that happiness is like a drug, and its effect ends abruptly — more abruptly than a hangover, I should say.

Happiness is like a drug. The more you take it, the more you depend on it. You will need increasingly larger amounts of happiness as you progress, eventually making it harder to acquire supplies of it. Finally, when you can no longer get a dose of it, you’ll be exposed to the real world. Sad. Chaotic. Senseless.

Don’t get used to happiness. Get used to sadness, because sadness is the natural state of this world.

Get used to sadness and solitude because it keeps you free from others, with no one ever telling you what to do.

Getting used to sadness doesn’t hurt in any way. Getting used to happiness will get you increasingly difficult amounts of pain — the type that would make you feel useless and hopeless.

Remember pain. It’s more painful than anything.

Remember that old familiar feeling.


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