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A Story

It was a warm Friday night. It was calm, with not much of a sound.

It was a long day, too. We decided to lay in repose. “Tomorrow’s a weekend,” I said. “It shall be a good, relaxing, wondrous day for the two of us.”

We laid close to each other, feeling each other’s presence. The night went on until we finally closed our eyes unconsciously — the day is too tiring, perhaps.

I woke up lying close to her, with the sweet sound of birds slowly taking me away into the reality that is the next day. I looked at her for a few seconds. Minutes. Half an hour.

She was beautiful, even in her sleep. Her eyes are smiling even when closed. She was lovely, and I’ll never get enough. There was nothing else to compare. All other things I thought to be beautiful suddenly sank in shame. She was sleeping so peacefully, but her beauty was not sleeping; it was radiating. She made my tears fall down in joy — joy that she is here, not anywhere else.

These were the times when I thank God for putting me in a situation like this; for placing what I perceive as the most beautiful woman in the world — much more, the cutest being that ever existed — right beside me.

She is a delight when awake. Charming, sweet, and caring. Also much more cuter, if you ask me. Her smile is wondrous. I was excited to see that…

…Too excited. I woke her up.

a-a!! lalaking ‘to!

bii, gising na.

oo na, oo na! ang kulit mo, a-a! argghhhhh!!

Well, that. she’s a ferocious beast whenever I wake her up. I continuously do it, and she continuously snarls at me. I get mad sometimes. That day, I did.

She wakes up and wonders what’s wrong with me. Funny she should ask.

that’s actually every single day of our lives.

The Story

But I love her anyway. She is the angel I almost forgot. In the end, she’s just my angel. My princess. My very self. She is not as perfect as I the woman wrote about on the first part of this post, but that’s how I see her every time, even when we’re fighting. She is heaven sent.

I can always remember — and no one can every dispute — that I was the happiest man 9 months ago, October 15, 2014. I always go back to that day and remember — and never ever forget — that she is the woman of my dreams.

Nine months have passed, and we’re stronger than ever. I can say that we have matured in some ways. We understand each other more now than ever before. We learned the ability to compromise — to give — as long as it’s the right thing to do. We are unstoppable. We are sweet. We care for each other. We love each other.

I’ll be honest. We fight. We argue about things. I did some things that for any other woman will be unacceptable. But she is different. She holds on stronger than she lets go. Her love is so overwhelming every time she hugs me and lets me feel her warm embrace. I once fought her with anger; she fought me with love. That act taught me what love really is. She single-handedly made a man out of me. I am forever grateful.

There is no other way to say this, but, I love her so much, the thought of losing her hurts.

The Words

Kara Lane Zurbano, my angel.

It must be obvious by now that I am talking about you here, my cutie babyy.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for waiting for so many months just for me to realize how wrong I have been these past few months; that love conquers all, even the strongest of our issues.

Thank you for waiting for me to grow up.

I love you, and I promise to make you feel that every single day, wherever you are. We will find a way, as long as we’re in this together.

We both believe that not everything is easy in love, but the thought that we’re doing this together is such comfort that being in love with you is like living in Mauban — simple, idyllic, peaceful.

Happy 9th monthsary, Babyy cutie. You are the cutie of my kuchiness. I love you.


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