Aldub: The Ideal Person

11/3/2015 1:42 AM
It was last Monday, the first day of the week. I arrived at the office at around 10 in the morning. It was supposed to be a busy day, with lots of my officemates rushing from one corner of the office to another, as well as project managers and senior executives taking calls and welcoming clients into our small, modest office. It was supposed to be a Monday where my officemates are sluggishly trying to finish their tasks for the day — well, it’s a Monday. I can’t blame them for having a hangover from the weekend. In fact, I was having my moment, too, just browsing Facebook and waiting for that sense of inspiration and urgency to finally release my energies.
Unfortunately, it was a different Monday. Most of my colleagues are still on vacation, the office being almost empty. Only a few of us reported today — the rest are working from home, or are on vacation leave. My teammates from a project were at the client’s office, doing support and further improvements on the production release of our application. How I wish I had vacation leaves like them, I was telling myself. Well, I’ll be getting one in less than a month, provided I do my work well.
I started gaining momentum at around 11 AM, when I felt that there must be something productive I must be doing today. I started writing code. I was testing and working on our current project, a sort-of search engine. This momentum went on with increasing intensity (and even speed in typing) until around 2 PM (yup, it even transcended lunch. that’s how productive I am today!). Sadly, this streak has been broken by my mind suddenly entering a new thinking bubble.
This thinking bubble was induced by the song “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran.
As you know, I have been involved in some pop culture phenomenon recently. I am a true-blooded fan of ‘Aldub’ (whose hype I am loudly and proudly joining right now), the romantic tandem between Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. Their split-screen appearances in the TV, as well as the traditional courtship ways being imbibed to Maine by her grandmother (in the show), was a change of scenery for me; It was far from the usual twerk-it-like-miley kind of entertainment in my generation; It doesn’t need suggestive themes to entertain its audience. It doesn’t rely on half-naked women shaking their butts (and cans) onscreen just to elicit a few seconds of euphoria from its viewers. It doesn’t violate Filipino values, but it does break from the traditional forms of presenting love teams in the Philippines. It was a refreshing, mystery-laden take on old-time values so that it might be appreciated by the current generation. But that is not what I realized, for I have been riding the Aldub (pabebe) wave together with the Aldub Nation for quite a while now.
As the song went through, I slowly got lost in the cloud of its sweet, relaxig melody, and somewhat spaced out, away from the fuss of the work I am currently doing. The bubble had popped, but what I have is blank space, now my reality, for the next three minutes.
It is in three-minute moments like these–slightly unproductive moments–that I get the chance to realize and meditate on the things I have and I have not. Sadly, this only happens at work, not on my free time. How I wish It happened on a Saturday weekend.
It just suddenly came to me that Maine likes this song, too, along with a few other songs by Ed. How adorable. I decided that the song should continue playing. And then, like thunder, it hit me.
She likes the Script, too. How real.
She likes Coldplay too, and they happen to be my favorite band of all time. Another bonus is Aqualung, although I know no particular song, I sure like their sound when I once heard him.
How legendary.
At this period in time when all I hear is bass from mainstream pop, knowing these things she loves kind of brings me back to the music I used to listen all the time. Inside my fantasy world of candies and marshmallows, the outside world suddenly crumbled into nothingness, with only I remaining in. I suddenly learned, through this tiny bits of Maine’s life, I was suddenly brought back to who I am. What I listen to, what I used to listen to, what I used to know and love. They all suddenly came back to me again, and I opened myself gladly to them. Finally, I learned something about myself — to the point of never forgetting them.
Then, as it may, Maine reminded me of Alden, a person full of vigor and energy. That guy who millions love and cheer for.
That same guy is loved by his family at home as a humble, caring, and loving son. He tries to live a normal life despite the fame he has recently attained (and, as far as I know, he succeeds in some ways).
For me, they are a perfect love team.
But they are also perfect enough to describe the person I want to be: Caring, honest, and loving. True to my self, not changing despite the adversities of life.
They are both trying to get out of their comfort zones and take more risks. Both are struggling to reach their dreams, but not to the extent that they are letting their dreams ruin what’s more important — family, friends, people. At the end of the day, they strive to be the same people they were before they met fame at the corner of EDSA and Timog (That’s the GMA Network Center). At the end of the day, they are still the same people as they were before.
It was this inspiring tale of two people that got me asking more about them. Away from all the kilig they make us feel when onscreen (and possibly off-screen as well), Their lovely personalities are what made me become a “true-blooded” member of the ALDUB Nation.
They are two of the very few persons in showbiz who I believe is real, and I (and my girlfriend) am happy to have been there all along.
For me, the celebrities that they are onscreen is also the person that they are — always have, always been.

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