The Sunday Currently | 01

Yes! The internet connection has finally been (after weeks of trying) set up in our place. Now¬†I can join Siddhathornton’s “The Sunday Currently” link-up! While I learned of this through¬†Maine Mendoza’s (Yaya Dub’s) site, I think it’s proper to credit the dude who thought of this idea.¬†Anyway, it’s a Sunday morning, almost 3 AM, and I’m trying to rush some work into getting done quickly, but I felt the need to tell everyone what’s been going on lately. So, here it goes! I’m excited.



…A very, very technical article about web development, particularly restricting users and creating user groups for the application I am developing right now. I know, it’s nerdy and all that, but it’s not all the time I’m reading these things.


…This article and code for my web application.


…To Ed Sheeran’s album¬†X (In a very, very low volume). The song currently playing as of writing time is “Afire Love”. I’ve been in love with Ed Sheeran’s songs since that thing called¬†Aldub happened to me.


…About how to rush work before Christmas! As you know, I am a web developer fresh from college. I need to get work done so that my holidays will feel so fly.


…The smell of me having not yet taking a bath. Just a few hours earlier, I was on a weekend chill with my girlfriend and her sister–along with some of her friends from high school–at SM Megamall (you guessed it: IT’S A MALL. But a mall is not just a shopping place in the Philippines — it is the centerpiece of current Philippine society. Retail, R & R’s, social — everything’s here, but that’s something for later). We did ice skating, and it was my girl’s sister’s first time on the ice. It was a lot of fun even if I experienced a lot (and the hardest) falls I’ve had ever since I learned skating back in 2007. We had fun inside the mall, but, long story short, Manila turned us into awful smelling beings. Not that I smell so bad, though — I just feel so unclean.


…That someone will someday create food/medicine that could keep me awake for days without every feeling tired or uneasy. I like getting as much work done, but I love sleeping, too. Most of the time, I choose sleep. As for work? It turns out to be still good work, but I know I could do better.


…That I suddenly fall asleep anytime soon and get up really early tomorrow. I need to do my laundry, for tomorrow’s another Monday!


…A university shirt (UPLB shirt), and boxers.


…The quality time I spent with my girl. Of course, every time with her is well-spent, but time when we both are not thinking of anything other than having fun? That’s gold.

I’m also loving the picture I took (see image) of a shirt. Those cute little creatures are Sesame Street characters drawn in a very, very cute fashion! I was a Sesame Street kid, and I’m proud that my childhood was filled of images of Big Bird and Elmo and the rest of them.


…Rest. A long rest before it all starts again. I’m aware of realities, to be honest. I know that I can’t live luxuriously and comfortably right now–I need to work and work harder–but I know that a few hours’ rest will help a lot in coping with such a reality.


…I usually need what I want, so see above. Ha ha.


…Exhausted but happy.


…Search results on Google on how to get this computer science thing going.

Let’s all tell each other (and the world) what our Sundays are like;¬†join Siddhathornton’s The Sunday Currently link-up!


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