The Sunday Currently | 02

Okay, so first off, a few things:

  1. It’s already Monday, but I really meant to write about Sunday, so let’s not be so strict about this, okay? Practically, what I’ve been doing right now has been what I’ve been doing hours ago.
  2. I misspelled the name of the originator of The Sunday Currently link-up. I am so sorry Siddathornton!

So back to my Sunday, which is supposed to be this night’s star. It was awesome! Kara, my girlfriend, along with other friends, are working on some secret business that led us to go to Divisoria, Manila’s famous bargain shopping district, to look for the cheapest finds we could get our hands on. This led us to a journey from Recto Avenue, to Abad Santos Avenue, Tayuman Street, and finally, A.H. Lacson Avenue. It was a trip through much of the average man’s Manila — the flower shops at Dimasalang and Laong Laan Streets (the Dangwa Flower Market), the schools surrounding Malacañan Palace, as well as Quiapo, the beating heart of Sampaloc, Manila.

So currently I’m in my place, chilling and–well, doing what the picture suggests. I’m doing my laundry.



… Nothing big, really. Just reading about the places I went to earlier. I know, right! I sound like a Manila tourist when in fact I lived here for so long. I just love knowing more about the places I am going to, or at least trying to find out if there’s something in the places I am familiar with that I don’t actually know.


… This blog entry. And probably I’ll be coding later.


… To the sound of the whirring clothes dryer/spinner. I actually like the fact that I’m doing laundry late at night. It makes me look so busy! Well, I was busy all day, actually, so there’s no pretending needed.


… About tomorrow! What could happen in the office? I felt so desensitized from last Friday’s company Christmas party! I feel more comfortable with my colleagues now more than ever.


… Nothing. I have colds. I wish I can smell something good, but no. However, let me tell you that the smell of detergent kind of seems pleasurable to my senses right now. Maybe the one I bought is less stronger. Or maybe the mucus filters it all out. eww!


… For a machine like Chappie that could do my laundry. Well, I’d help the guy out, though.


… That tomorrow, I wake up with a magical solution to some tasks I have at work.


… A white shirt saying “ENJOY”, and checkered shorts.


… The fact that I’m starting to find how hard it is to earn money, and now I’m finding ways to get more of it. Ha ha.


… To play Cities:Skylines, but that game eats a huge hell of time! Minimum three hours, really. But I can give it a go right after this and while my laundry’s not yet done.


… Sleep. My sleep cycles usually go inverse at weekends.



Let’s all tell each other (and the world) what our Sundays are like; join Siddhathornton’s The Sunday Currently link-up!


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