The Sunday Currently | 03

There’s something sinister about the moon tonight. Something too dark to talk about, but too visible to not notice.

Its smile talks of something unspeakable, perhaps an omen, of I don’t know what good or bad it may be.

Its mystery cannot go unseen, but the same mystery makes it so hard to describe.

Sadly, my camera¬†wasn’t able to capture it.

And no, nothing’s mysterious about it. It’s just a crescent moon that’s lit at the bottom, so it looks like as if it’s lying down. Then again, my sad camera didn’t capture it.

What’s magical upon this night, however, is that it’s time for my¬†The Sunday Currently!

…Okay, it might not be the best¬†idea to show off my poetry for a¬†Sunday Currently (Rhyme! But other than that my poetry isn’t that good. I’m working on it), but I’m really, really working hard on it. I promise you better and more satisfying poetry as you go along with me on this.

Now, it’s time!



…¬†Nothing. The stars, maybe, but I’m not astrologer. So probably, “nothing” would be a better answer (plus, there are NO stars tonight).


…¬†This edition of my The Monday¬†Sunday Currently. I sinned against you guys again.


…¬†To the sound of nothingness as I watch a quite Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) from the 16th floor of my crib.


… About the first day of work after the holiday vacation. It was a long, long holiday, full of laughter, booze, and quality time with the people who are important to me. Now I’m thinking how to get out of the holiday cloud-nine because I think I’m getting a hangover.


…¬†The smell of oil from the massage I had two hours ago! My roommate and I promised that we’ll get a massage at the nearby spa on the first day after New Year (the day we all go back to our crib). The massage was so satisfying, and the scent of the oils still haunt me to this very hour. Sweet haunting, I could say.


…¬†For that massage to go on like… forever.


…¬†That tomorrow, I wake up with a magical solution to some tasks¬†I have at work. Yup. I said this before. I just hope it really happens tomorrow this time.


…¬†A blue book shirt. A¬†blue book is the official exam booklet at the University of the Philippines.


Now, you can just imagine how I look like right now. Plus, checkered shorts are present.


…¬†This New Year we all have. New chances to improve our lives and be useful to society again.


… To play video games. But I can’t. I have to be a responsible, young professional adult. I’ll be sleeping right after this. Heh, I think my college self will be like:qh14c



… Nothing right now. Maybe sleep, but I’m getting that soon enough.


…¬†Relaxed and relieved. I mean who wouldn’t, after a great and somehow satisfying massage?

So that’s it. Happy New Year! Let’s start the year right, off we go (to sleep)!

Let’s all tell each other (and the world) what our Sundays are like;¬†join Siddhathornton’s The Sunday Currently link-up!


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