The Best Choice

Hello! I just want to share this Christian hymn I learned from the last culmination meeting of the Full-Time Training in Malabon that I attended. This hymn is all about experiencing the love of God and longing to server Him not because we are afraid of Him, but because we love Him so much that we want to give our lives to Him.

The Best Choice

1. You are my most excellent portion
On You I will forever lay hold
The Excellency of Your Person!
Both my eyes will most gladly behold!
The world, its lust I willingly leave
But no, oh no! I will never weep!
Trash, refuse, that’s what they are!
From me, oh, they better stay afar
My life of ease, I now count as loss!
You I will acquire at all cost!

I made the best choice
When I said I love You!
Lord, You’re my treasure of great value!
Now all things else mean absolutely nothing
Because to me, You are my everything!
My future, my life no longer my own,
All I present for Your recovery
Until the age’s consummation,
Full-time lifetime, I will serve You!

2. Lord now my eyes clearly see Your need,
My desire to serve is burning indeed
To be perfected to be trained by You
This desire in me so strong, so true
Not just for enjoyment that I am here
For discipline, intense breaking too
With vision clear, with You so near
O my Lord, oh until death ensue
I will remain though others treat me sore,
I dare not from You ask for more!

3. Lord, I to Your demand say “Amen!”
Though my shameful weakness is exposed
I learned to put myself now to an end
In my ugly self no more I boast
I am not a fool, all good things I’ve known
Yet why am I still here pressing on?
Though I myself cannot apprehend,
On You I will rest, rely, depend,
Will not from You my heart ever sever
Yesterday, today, forever!

I would like to reference this blog post for the lyrics, although I have my own lyrics sheet back home from the culmination meeting itself.



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