Wrap Yourself in Darkness, Part 3

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Coming out of it makes more man out of you. More than you could ever imagine.

Wrap yourself in darkness. Only in darkness can you see more light. Only in darkness will you appreciate the beauty of light.

Darkness makes you long for light. Makes you understand how light is so important. You can never really understand some things without losing them. It hurts, but c’est la vie, it happens.

Even in a room full of people, darkness will make you feel alone. Except in cases when you are intimately connected with someone, being in darkness keeps you alone–nay, focused on yourself.

As darkness wraps around you, you begin to miss things. miss places. miss people. miss everything you’ve ever seen. Somehow, you still wish to be with them. Again.

As I wrap myself in darkness, I’ll be missing everything. Even the ones long gone.


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