The Sunday Currently | 04



Hello! It’s been a while since I last wrote about my Sunday. Well, a lot has been going on for the last few months (YES, MONTHS), but they’re too many to mention in our latest¬†Sunday Currently, and, as the name says, we’re here to talk about our¬†Sunday¬† that is¬†current. So, I think we shall begin!



… Twitter feeds about¬†Aldub. Yes, This is a residue of the¬†four times (YES. FOUR. 4. APAT). I watched¬†Imagine You and Me! It’s been a while since I last talked about Aldub¬†(until this recent review of mine about the movie), and yes I’m once again back about talking about them! It feels like nothing has changed, really, and with this recent movie, I think I’m in love with them more than ever.


…¬†This edition of my The¬†Sunday Currently, plus a program (maybe) and a story and… God this weekend feels so productively unproductive! I want to do many things today!


…¬†To the sound of¬†air conditioning.


… About¬†Aldub. And about the problems of the world. Pray for Nice and Baghdad and Istanbul and Tunis and every other victim of hate and terror. We must collectively take action now (yes, I’m serious about this).


…¬†For another day we could all call a weekend. Just wanna’ rest for a day more.


…¬†That tomorrow will be a productive work day! I finally am doing something, you know, awesome.


… A white shirt with the Oblation superimposed on a barcode and the words “Made in UPLB” and blue¬†Spiderman boxers.


…¬†Imagine You and Me… together ETERNALLLLYYYYY! ‚̧


… To play video games.¬†Right after this, it shall be game time.


…¬†To be more productive today.




Let’s all tell each other (and the world) what our Sundays are like;¬†join Siddhathornton’s The Sunday Currently link-up!


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