The Girl By the Sea

So I was listening to this song on a normal office day. In fact, the song’s in Mandarin Chinese and I just randomly stumbled upon it on Spotify. It would’ve passed by just like any other song as I am busy at work, but this one’s different.

The moment I heard the tune, I suddenly melted in a sweet mix of sadness, relax, and all the other emotions one can feel in love. It was a song that I didn’t understand in terms of the words the author used, but I wholly understand what the music was trying to tell me. It was a melody that’s so powerful, so moving that it allowed emotions to pour freely. At once, I got positively distracted from work; I put my hands off the keyboard and grabbed the nearest pen on my table (which, coincidentally is the only pen on my table, and the only pen I have).

I would’ve written about the happiness I experienced whenever I’m with my girlfriend, but the song was so overwhelmingly sad, I thought about someone else’s story. I don’t know who or where they are or whether they really exist or not or when if so, but this I know: whatever I wrote is the story of someone out there.

And if ever you wondered, you’re right: the picture above is the result of such hasty writing.

Please listen to the song as you read. Read it slowly.

Sana’y atin nang malimutan

ang sakit ng nakaraan

Matutong mangarap muli

Matutong umibig muli

Ating buksan ang mga labi

Hindi man sa isa’t isa

Ngunit sa taong laan

Taong sati’y magpapaligaya.

In English (not a literal translation, but the thought remains):

I hope we’ll one day forget

The pain of our past

A day we learn to dream again

and a day to love again

Someday, we can open our lips

Maybe not to each other

But to someone else meant for us

To one who could bring real joy to the rest of our lives.

This is the first time I was able to write something just because I heard a very powerful melody. A-Si, thank you. You are such a joy.

The song is entitled “Shui Qian Gu Shi (睡前故事)” by A-Si (阿肆) from the album Accidentally on Purpose (预谋邂逅). The song title roughly translates as “Bed Time Story”. The album could be heard on Spotify.


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