The Sunday Currently | 05



… A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Such a great writer. The way he stirs the emotions… why don’t you just check my Goodreads account for reviews on him and his writings, particularly The Kite Runner?


… to the sweet, mellow sounds of jazz. I’m listening to this awesome jazz playlist on Spotify. As of writing, it’s Flamenco Sketches by Miles Davis. God, I so love jazz. I mean that’s like living in a cultural bubble when you’re in a world full of beats and buduts, but I don’t really care. This mah jam.



… About nothing, really. This is one of the very few times I actually am at peace and not thinking about — you know, the things I believe in.


… Well, that the things in my life go smoothly as they should. I mean right now, they are. I hope they could stay the same.


… A faux Nike top (we bought it from a thrift store), with some sports shorts or something.


… Life, as it should be loved.


… Alive again.

Let’s all tell each other (and the world) what our Sundays are like; join Siddathornton’s The Sunday Currently link-up!


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