Fiction: No Way Out

With no other way out, or anyone to say what’s going on, I feel cornered, so let me tell you a story.

She was raging, with no ways to calm her down. I found escape to be endearing, but that’s not an option right now.

She never listened to what I had to say. She only talked and talked, and that’s one thing I never understood: Why? Why is it that she cannot hear what the others have to say, whether in defense of themselves or simply something else?

Amidst the rabid growling, teeth clenching, and expletive spewing, I found the answer to my resounding question.

She can’t hear you over the sound of her pride, over the thundering noise of what she has to say. Maybe she plans to churn out all the sweat in you, or maybe make you shit yourself, but the only sure thing is when she starts opening her lips–nay, mouth–she knows no other right words–answer, opinion, question, request–than that of her own.

I detest it. I detest it so much. I feel powerless everytime this happens. Or everytime I’m here, in general.

It is in these times when I want to lock myself in my room and lock myself in until the deluge is over. Even then I’d stay so until she lies in repose for more than the usual, then I can relish escape.

Although over a decade ago I surrendered my right for a room to her, in exchange of — I don’t know, food.

I am strongly, deeply convinced that there is no stopping her. I tried taming her and calming her down until I ended up raising the white flag and letting her win this battle with my surrender. Even with the white flag raised, she knows no boundaries, or vexillology for that matter, and kept on attacking me with vicious bites, as well as growling vitriol that actually hurts.

This monster is capable of hurting your emotions, with the vilest possible sting that will linger on for the rest of your life. I find it unfair to be the receiving end of this, with having to live with every insult she says to my being, thanks to a mind that never forgets.

I wonder why I am wilingly staying in such a horrid surrender to this creature. 

This fucking creature. When I have every chance to escape.

Or do I?


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